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Redirection of news feed

It's not always simple to animate a project, especially to write articles to keep the community aware of what's new. It's been more than 2 years since the last article on the FreshRSS blog and we're not very proud of it. It is quite ironic for a feed aggregator team to have an inactive feed, isn't it? (credit to Kevin Papst for this one!) We didn't sit idly by for all that and we released 12 (twelve!) new versions of FreshRSS since our last article, that's almost 6 per year.

After few discussions, we have decided to redirect the website feed to the FreshRSS GitHub feed which announce new releases. At least, you should hear of us again! :) For the moment, we will not kill the blog so articles will stay here.

The redirection will become effective within the next week.

Also, if you're interested in the project, please note our community is always pleased to welcome new contributors. There is still work to accomplish and fresh ideas can help us to make FreshRSS a better aggregator.

Announce of the mailing lists

Did you know that FreshRSS has two mailing lists since few weeks?

In order to welcome our users and developers, we decided to open them so we can discuss about FreshRSS without forcing the use of GitHub and still keeping a community discussion.

  • is mainly for users: if you have questions and you're not sure if it's interesting to ask them on GitHub, you can join us on this mailing. We'll also announce development progress once a month so you'll always know what will be the next great FreshRSS features.
  • is destined to developers only. If you want to know more about the source code, what are the libraries included in FreshRSS, how do pull requests work, etc. this is the place to be!

Mailing lists are hosted on our server and you can subscribe to one or both of them by following this link. Archives are public so you are able to see what have already been written, especially the “welcome-message”.

Note that if you want to participate (i.e. send mails on mailings) it is required to subscribe to them. English is the preferred language but since FreshRSS has a great French-community, it may happen that French is used instead. If you want to participate to such discussions, don't hesitate to ask to continue in English.

We are waiting for you!

You can comment on GitHub.