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FreshRSS gets a new website

We have worked a lot to improve community processes since last weeks. Today we are opening a new section on the website: a blog!

You were a lot to ask for an official English thread associated to a RSS feed to follow us (that was the last straw for FreshRSS!). It is now available so don't forget to add our feed in your favourite aggregator.

The paint is still wet but things should work smoothly since the blog is very basic.

Under the hood, there is a static website powered by Pelican. The initial theme has been ported to this great static website generator tool and improved a bit (e.g. the header navbar). It is already available on GitHub (FreshRSS/Freshican) such as the content (FreshRSS/

As you may notice, there is no possibility to comment directly our articles: we want to avoid spam and moderation. Nevertheless you can meet us on GitHub, there will be a ticket associated to each article!

Since we want to adopt a “community-friendly” process, you will have the possibility to modify and/or write articles in order to be published here. If you want to contribute to this blog, please fork the project on GitHub, create a new branch, write your article and send a pull request. The only condition will be that you must speak about RSS/Atom aggregation :).

To finish, stay in touch with us since there are still some great news to come in the next few days!

You can comment on GitHub.