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A powerful aggregator


Follow websites, podcasts and video channels in a single place.


Read your articles directly in FreshRSS.


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Web scraping

Generate feeds by scraping external websites.

Feeds generation

Generate new feeds based on your filters.


Import and export your feeds with OPML.


Stay connected to your feeds in real-time.


Adapt to your needs thanks to a lot of options.


Follow your feeds with or without a third-party application.

Fast & efficient

FreshRSS can manage 1M+ articles and 50k+ feeds without complaining.

Themes & extensions

Customize FreshRSS with themes and extensions.


FreshRSS is translated in more than 15 languages.

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“C'est LE lecteur de flux que je voulais : beau, léger, simple, installable sur son propre serveur et libre.”


“📡Fall in love with @FreshRSS”


“I use @FreshRSS and I love it like crazy.”


“A free, self-hostable aggregator… probably the best! (in our opinion)”

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